Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aaaaaand scene!

Alright! Breathing time! Phew!

So The Good Doctor is done. I'm sad to see it go as I am for every production I do, but having time to keep up my reputation as a goody-two-shoes student is relieving. The way I was shirking homework until the last minute was starting to bug me. And there are more production prospects in the not too distant future so hopefully I won't have to wait long to have this fun all over again. I should have better time management skills by then...*giggles* Couldn't say that with a straight face.

I learned some interesting things over the course of this production with much thanks to the network of people I'm creating. Oh my God, networking is truly an awesome thing! Yeah, I'll spend a while looking like a doofus, grinning like an idiot as this realization takes its sweet time to finish dawning on me, but the proof is there.

What Brenna learned the past six weeks:

1) ALWAYS check props.

2) ALWAYS call actors for places even after a 1 minute call for places.

3) Read more plays and books.

4) I met someone who has some great insight into the world of literature and up and coming authors. We were talking one night at Applebees, discussing authors and books and such, and I was utterly inspired to pick up U:RS again as soon as I got home. Unfortunately it was really late when I got home, but still. I have the document up constantly again for those moments I can spare between shows and work and work and work. There is much editing to be done.

I have to get those author names and books titles from her again because I'm always up for trying out some new stuff. She also knew some of these authors before they became extraordinarily famous, which I think is fantastic whether I like the author or not. She has a very successful blog I plan to visit, and I'm so glad I got a chance to meet her and work with her because she's a phenomenal actress as well and a very nice woman.

So in more ways than expected, I had an amazing experience working on this show. I got to network for more than just theatre opportunities, and I met an amazing bunch of people. So Dad, don't tell me to switch majors anymore. :-)

To the MSWord futon. (Homework? What is this homework you speak of?)

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