Monday, January 10, 2011

How much stuff could a stuffed girl stuff...?

How does so much…stuff end up crammed in the last days of vacation? It’s nice that it gets me out of the house, but I always feel so rushed all of a sudden. (Then when I try to recall why I feel so rushed, it all happened so fast that I can’t remember.) I’ve been writing, reading, seeing movies, going to parties, getting my hair done, writing more, chatting with friends, sleeping, sleeping, blogging, etc. And I’ll be seeing more friends over this week.

I know homework isn’t on the list! It’s happening today. Sheesh!

Today is my break from outdoor activity (unless I decide to see Black Swan on a whim) so that means I’ll finally be getting to a few things:

Homework will get done, or at least get started. It will be finished before next Wednesday. Thankfully it’s the only piece of homework I have over the break.

I also have more research to do for EPICDS. I found a neat website that breaks down fantasy world building. Now I need to combine that with steampunk and make this world work. XD If I could get a website detailing steampunk universes, details about clothing (with names of each article), transportation, cities, etc, I’d be majorly souped. If anyone could help me with that, I’d be forever grateful whether I keep the idea or not.

I’ll also be dancing in circles to get rid of this tension while waiting to hear if I got a callback for The Dark At the Top of the Stairs. I think the audition went well, but the girls auditioning for the same roles as me were really good! And really adorable, which seems to fit the role I really want. I mean, of course congratulations to them for great auditions! I’m just uber nervous. Plus, I don’t know who’ll be there today. Uuuuuggggghhhhhh! Auditions! I hate you!

Nah. It’s a love-hate thing.

There you go. Winter break in a nutshell. Bring it on, Monday!

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