Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Writing Challenge Contest January 2011

Dare I give it a…third chance? Fourth?

Whatever number it is, the answer is no. However, I check out the prompts from time to time to see if I might get inspiration. I did this time! *pompoms* It’s unfortunate for my characters that this is going to turn into something dark. A black cat with clovers? C’mon. It screams oxymoron that must be toyed with!

Now the question is: should I try to keep it in the 2K word limit as if it was an entry or should I write and see where it takes me? I kinda like the limit. Gives my writing some structure (which it so badly needs) and my thoughts don’t go flying like they did for my Christmas story last year. Well, more than just last year; I wrote it my senior year of high school. For Mr. Tuers. *sigh* He was so rockin’ awesome.

So this may be done in place of homework again. Whoops. It’s not like I was seriously getting to the homework right after New Years. I needed these few days just for me after an awesome and oddly high-action weekend observing shabbat with my best friend and her friends from school. (Playing Settlers of Catan gets pretty intense though.)

This is my way of winding down. Writing stories involving children and murder…right. But it’s not all bad. Another entry I wrote involved college students like me…and suicide…right. Oh! Another WIP is about waiting for love…and death…right.

Aaaand scene!

January 2011 WCC prompt:

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