Saturday, January 8, 2011

Today for show and tell:

Finally finished Fortune’s Fool (say that three times fast) and I’m really hoping the next one is better. It picked up towards the end, but…*shrug* They can’t all be gems. More harlequin romance though. :P

Worked my way through some little details of EPICDS with help from Step Five of the Snowflake Method, which I’m not done with and I’m dreading working on the major protagonists. But now I know what happened to the woman’s baby! Wait, it’s not totally cause to celebrate…hmm… Anyway—

Helped a buddy edit her story. I love being in the know. :) And she got my chapter 5 for U:RS. I love her praise and CC!

Started reading Empire of the East by Fred Saberhagen. That’s right, folks. This fantasy nut is reading Fred Saberhagen. Put that in your pipe and shut up!

Not much snow fell so I don’t really need to shovel. Just had to brush it off of my car.

I have a hair appointment so my hair can look nice for my audition tomorrow, which I’m totally souped for! Not that I enjoy auditioning, but I enjoy seeing friends and I enjoy being cast. :P


Yeah, that’s about it. Unless you want to know that I may move straight to like, Step Eight of the Snowflake Method because I think my Step Two ended up being Step Seven or something, and anything with the characterization I’ll figure out as needed. I need to sort it out into scenes and chapters and maybe start writing. I think I should take some time before diving into the actual draft though.

Do you see a motif with these entries? But yeah. Good day. :)

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